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We help organizations achieve peak performance by optimizing employees’ energy and strengths.
We do this through our market leading business strengths assessments and solutions

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At Strengthscope India, we partner with clients to accelerate growth, overcome challenges and achieve peak performance using proven strengths-based solutions

Pragati Leadership™ supports organizations that develop future-ready leaders who catalyse change across teams, businesses, society and the planet at large.
Our belief is that people are at the heart of every organization and it is they who drive the business forward by building the organization’s strategy and driving operational efficiencies.

For over 25 years we have worked with more than 600 organizations to transform leaders and build sustainable businesses by combining the result-oriented thinking of the west with the mindfulness and spirituality of the east.
Headquartered in Pune, we have operations in 3 other Indian cities and have delivered value in over 25 countries around the world.

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Why Strengthscope

7 reasons to use Strengthscope®

Why Strengthscope®? Here are a few reasons why organizations are using Strengthscope®:

# 1

Captures what’s unique about people and discovers how they can bring the best of themselves to work every day

# 2

Powers employee development programs for many leading worldwide brands

# 3

Offers the most complete range of strengths assessment products on the market today

# 4

Only strengths assessment system with multi-rater profilers enabling co-workers and stakeholders to provide feedback in minutes

# 5

Simple to administer, understand and apply

# 6

Integrates with unrivalled Strengths Excellence Program comprising tools, training and solutions to embed learning

# 7

Builds on over 10 years of research


Strengthscope Solutions help your organization to achieve peak performance through People solutions to assess talent and develop potential using strengths

  • Hiring energized people who will be energized to outperform
  • Developing leaders who inspire staff to perform at their best
  • Building strong collaborative teams that achieve peak performance
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Strengthscope® is the world’s most complete and innovative strengths profiling system that helps energize peak performance at work. The system currently comprises five assessments:

Strengthscope® Standard

Release unique strengths and potential


Get co-worker feedback on how you are using your strengths


Maximize leadership effectiveness


Build high energy, productive and agile teams

Strengths Engagement Index™

Measure ROI and engagement levels

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You are invited to join an exclusive and growing community of Strengthscope™ Accredited Users

Strengthscope™ is one of the world’s leading strengths assessment tools that help individuals, teams and organisations build greater awareness of their strengths and how these can be used to optimize performance and engagement at work.

As many high performance organizations have experienced, Strengthscope™ will help you understand:

  • Your personality and performance strengths
  • The tasks and activities that are most likely to energize you and lead to high levels of engagement
  • The likely consequences of using your strengths too much, too little or in a way that isn't appropriate for the situation
  • The extent to which you apply your strengths optimally in the way you approach your work
  • How visible your strengths are to co-workers and key stakeholders (provided you are doing the multi-rater version of the tool)

As a Strengthscope Accredited user, you get the understanding and ability to use the tool in interventions around people development, increasing team productivity and performance, coaching your leaders and improving the overall engagement of people etc.

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